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SALAD MAFIA' was born and founded in Soho by Blake Feather, later joined by his brother to serve fresh nutritious artisan salads to creatives, city traders, locals and tourists. Once cooking in Raymond Blanc's Michelin star restaurant, to serving supermodels on yachts, co-founder/brother Warren brings the recipes back to basics and delivers everyday fresh food into the heart of the city.

SM Foods is a bi-product of Salad Mafia built for catering to the needs of SME food businesses across the city.  We noticed the food products supplied to most local businesses was pre-packaged, poor quality, and did not add value to the businesses.

As well as this, the minimum orders, wastage and management time, made the process of having a food offering which is a necessity - stressful.

We wanted to flip this on its head, by supplying artisan, fresh, bistro style offerings directly to shops and removing the hassle.  By managing the full turn key process, from stocking all the products to managing all wastage.

By doing so we remove the:

  • Management time

  • Cash flow outlay 

  • Daily Wastage


Our team manages the full turn key process.

The local business sell the products and collect all proceeds, and retain a mutually agreed commission of the sales, and sends the balance of funds to SM Foods.





The Salad Mafia team started in our Tottenham street branch and the brand looks great on the shelves, the product quality speaks for itself and has built regular lunchtime customers which we have never had. They take away all the hassle of offering food, and have in some cases tripled our food sales, which has been fantastic. Salad Mafia now completely do all of our food offering across 6 branches.
— Josh Mordecai ‘Managing Director Yumchaa Holdings’
Since outsourcing our salad and sandwich production to Salad Mafia, I have seen an improvement in food sales, a massive drop in costs and a total elimination of wastage.

The food looks great, tastes great and customer feedback is mostly positive. A few customers did say that they preferred it when we made our own, but the customers we’ve lost for that reason have been more than replaced by a general up-tick in sales. I’d like to see a little more variety, but nobody’s complaining from the other side of the counter.
They have been pretty good with responding to feedback, too, when I’ve mentioned that a sandwich needs sprucing-up.

The packaging & branding are smart and the labels list all ingredients and compliance information, which removes yet another task.
They turn up every day, rotate the stock and remove any wastage, which is not invoiced.

The profit margin is the same as what we aimed for when producing our own but, remove ALL wastage from the equation, ingredients and wage cost and it starts to look pretty damn good.
We’re also now free to produce more of our own hot food specials and baked goods as the kitchen is no longer taken up with sandwich prep.

It’s really a no-risk arrangement.
— James, CEO, Dose