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Das Almas - Origin coffee

Das Almas - Origin coffee


Flavour profiles


Chocolate, Roasted Peanut, Gala Apple

  • Additional Information

    Farm information
    Pulped Natural
    Virgulino Muniz
    South of Minas Gerais
    1,200 masl

    Celebrating the work of Virgulino Muniz, one of our trusted long-term partners in Brazil. His coffee is incredible. It has a consistent, distinct dark sugar sweetness and complex chocolate notes; A perfect showcase of Brazilian coffee.

    Das Almas has been in Virgulino’s family since 1942 and visiting his farm is always a welcome experience for us. Located at 1,200 masl with mineral rich soil covering 109 hectares of rolling hills. Virgulino and his team are dedicated to environmental sustainability, with various projects currently underway. Including ecosystem preservation and raising awarenes